Clash Royale – Deck Arena 6: Golem + Tamer Boars

Clash Royale - Deck Arena 6 Golem gamer Boars

They increase more and more players who are going Arena up to the seventh step: the arena 6 is an interesting target because the card that unlocks give access to great strategies that will be used since the arena 8. For this we have collected some testimonials around this arena deck 6 Golem + Tamer boars that will allow you to climb quickly up into the arena 7 and, perhaps, break through the roof and land of 3000 trophies Legendary arena. Very interesting bi-combos and triptych in the deck, and the ability to take out the lone card counter Golem (the Inferno Tower).

Deck Arena 6: Golem + Tamer Boars

This deck exploits the potential of two large battering ram: Golem and Tamer of Wild boars. These two forces will be our spearhead for use coupled with other support cards that will explain. Building on this type of deck is also the use of two combos and tactics to be used in sync with each other: the enemy will suffer enormous power two attacks and not be able to cope with your own offensive. We discover now that stand out in this arena deck for 6.

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bunch Composition

  • Warlock: Exceptional troops to use behind the Golem to take out enemy hordes and difficult parts as defensive buildings;
  • Barbarians: to use as a support for fragile or troops as surrogates Golem and trainer;
  • Arrows: usually use to eliminate at a stroke many troops with low waist and to end or weaken the enemy tower;
  • Tamer Boars + Golem: offensive troops which together will allow your army to bring home the victory (later we will discuss the combo)
  • Download: to be used to immobilize dangerous enemies (better deepen the tactic)
  • Minions: air forces of which we are not equipped;
  • Puller: Essential when we in our card deck particularly exorbitant as the Golem or PEKKA.

sostitutibili Paper

  • Arrows with replaceable ball fiery;
  • Sgherri replaceable with Horde Sgherri;
  • Sorcerer replaceable (at your risk) with the Ice Witch;
  • Download replaced with Ice Witch.

Deck Strategy

Let’s see what strategies we can use with this deck thanks to the screenshots captured specifically by an attack. We begin to say that the Golem and Tamer of Wild boars are our strong points for this deck arena 6 .

  • Tamer Boars + Download : Snubbed by most, is becoming increasingly important and is supplanting combo Tamer + Freezing, at least in high Arenas, where the cost of pink elixir is essential. We use the Download after sending the attack on Tamer: when your opponent will use low-level or any building to lure troops in the middle of the field, just download and use the procurerete a nice overall damage and the time to give Tamer Boars to take down buildings and Tower.
  • Tamer Boars Download + + Arrows : Send the full force Tamer but get ready to Download and Arrows. Where the download does not succeed in taking out ostiche troops, sent immediately after the arrows to finish them!
  • Golem + Extractor: when are you going to use the Golem, make sure you have in your field at least an extractor, this gives you a return of pink elixir not inddiferente!
  • Tamer Boars + Golem : The winning combination! We’ll talk about for good lower!
  • Golem + Sorcerer : As soon as the Golem reaches mid-range (a place it behind your tower) use right behind him the Sorcerer! The Golem will suffer the most damage and the Sorcerer will make a clean sweep of the troops positioned by the enemy;
  • Barbarians + Tamer Boars: The trainer is rather fragile, so it is good to place the barbarians and just behind the tamer of wild boars, so the barbarians will be a “bodyguard” the trainer who can make use of the possibility of Torre quickly reach the enemy, while the barbarians harm the troops positioned by the enemy.

Golem + Tamer Boars

A part should be given the Golem combos and Tamer:

  1. If you have the chance, positioned at the start of the match puller behind one of the two towers;
  2. Wait to collect at least 9 pink elixirs and use the Golem behind the central tower tending to one of the two sides of the field;
  3. As soon as the Golem reached midfield position Tamer Boars Sorcerer and right behind;
  4. Get ready to use Download to confuse any enemy troops or counter as the horde of minions.

In this way, even if the enemy will place the Tower Inferno, while the beam will hit the Golem, the trainer and the Sorcerer befall him, as well as any enemy defenses! No enemy strategy will be valid if it manages to implement this combination!

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