Brawl Stars : A Complete Guide To Brawl Box, How To Use It

Let’s find out what are the Brawl Box in the new game Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars A Complete Guide To Brawl Box, How To Use It

Brawl Stars has a mechanical much like Royale Clash in some ways: those coming from the latter game will be already aware of the trunks, special items that contain within them gold, gems and papers that go to join your “deposit” personal . On Brawl Stars works exactly the same way, but instead of getting Brawl Box winning, can be redeemed by paying a sum fixed. Let’s find out all the secrets of these Brawl Box.

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What are the Brawl Box?

Special Safes that are in Brawl Stars game are special containers that allow the player to get gold coins, and Elixir Brawlers .

The main objective of Brawl Box unlock all Brawlers content in the game to use them in the challenge mode and upgrade them to level. However, if it were to get out of a Brawlers we already have the latter will result in gold coins.

The elixir gives you instead of developing more powerful levels of the Brawlers, as well as redeem weapons and custom skins (if any were available).

How many types of Brawl Box exist?

As with just about Royale Clash with Trunks, we can unlock Brawl Box of different types that contain within them as many types of Brawlers or rewards.

The  Brawl Box  can be of various types:

  • Common (1 Elixir)
  • Rare, (2 elixirs)
  • Epic, (5 elixirs)
  • Legendary (10 elixir).

Depending on the type of Brawl Box will find inside Brawlers of the same type, along with a variable amount of Elixir. The sequence of the Brawl Box is currently not known, but it is based on ‘algorithm which we already know about Royale Clash Trunks.

How to buy Brawl Box

The Brawl Box can be purchased through gold coins or using a special currency, Chip . This resource is obtained with some Brawlers to proportion:

  • Brawler City: 1 Chip
  • Brawler Rare: 2 Chip
  • Brawler Epic: 5 Chip
  • Legendary Brawler: 10 chips.

How to unlock Brawl Box?

It ‘very important to play in multiplayer mode to win the largest number of gold coins. Accumulated gold we can unlock many Brawl Box we want for free. An alternative is to obtain an enhanced + 50% or x2 buying bids directly in the store, so you’ll get lots of gold coins more per game.

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