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Pokemon Go, tips and tricks to catch the little monsters

pokemon go hints tips and tricks

If you made for yourselves involved with Pokemon Go here is a series of tricks and tips on how to catch pokemon more smoothly.

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Which Pokemon take the beginning – The first trick is to take Pikachu.History teaches that the small yellow lightning is perhaps more able to bond with the coach, namely yourself. In twenty years of existence we all understand. So remember, when you start you will be asked to take three Pokemon, do not hesitate to bet on Pikachu. You will not regret it.

How to catch rare pokemons – By itself the mechanism is not difficult. We first need to locate it, then throw the poke ball. But not always the target it hits.The trick / advice that the experts give master is to rotate the poke ball. In this way you have more chance, so they say, to complete the task. Try it and let us know if you’d be right or not.

How to take more pokemon – Another trick is that related to incense. This element, if taken, allows you to have an extra 30 minutes to continue your research or better, attracting wild pokemon. This therefore allows you to have a considerable advantage, as you can easily increase the size of your group. Remember, therefore, incense at will.

Pay attention to the color of the circles – During the capture phase of pokemon is essential to pay close attention to the color of the circles.Before you launch your poke ball should wait until they become green or red. This way you’ll have a much better chance of making your other pokemon go pokecoins hack wild. Do not rush, therefore, calm and cool. The balance comes first.

Disable augmented reality – One last trick to be more successful in capturing pokemon is augmented reality. You like it? You were stunned by the impressive graphics? Well, it’s time to say goodbye. Yes, because the end of Go Pokemon is not to in front of the mirror smartphone. Turn off augmented reality means making much more stable pokemon, with the immediate consequence that you will find them more easily. What are you waiting? Started to put into practice these simple tricks and become a true master. Have a good fun.

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